Jerome Smith has been involved for 30 years in the transitions of science and technology into new markets. This has included market growth and product development with Stoneage Tools, CBS, Sony, Teac/Tascam, Warner Bros., Lucas/Skywalker, Universal Studios and many others.  In 2008 Jerry founded Pagosa Verde, a company designed to adapt emerging technologies in renewable energy to the needs of our changing economy. He is committed to overcoming adaptive inertia in businesses and culture as opportunities appear from the disciplined imagination of scientists, engineers, artists and businessmen. He is a former farmer, horseman, soldier & surfer and a happily married man with three children. He lives in Pagosa Springs because it’s fairly far from everywhere and just wild and western enough to feel like home.

unnamedSally High, M.Ed. – Sustainable Agriculture, Community Education & Relations
Sally received  the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators in 2012 and was named an eCycleBest Top Five Green Teachers in the nation in 2014.  She recently ended a 25-year teaching career to focus on Pagosa Verde project development.   Sally serves on the Colorado Environmental Education Leadership Council, Colorado State University Extension Advisory Board for Archuleta County, Pagosa Springs Parks and Recreation Commission, Southwest Workforce Development Board and Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership Inc. Sally is a co-founder of Pagosa Verde, LLC.

Eric K. Hass has managed federal and industry technical R&D and commercial projects in the renewable energy, oil and gas, and mineral industries for 35 years. He has organized commercial, federal, state, and national laboratory consortia to develop and evaluate a variety energy resources. Recently, as the Hydrothermal Program Manager for the US DOE Geothermal Technologies Office, Mr. Hass directed staff in multiple cities to manage a portfolio of industry, academic, and national lab projects that support innovative subsurface characterization of geothermal resources. Prior to DOE, he was an exploration and production geologist for Mobil in the onshore and offshore Gulf region, mid-continent and Alaska.

GailGail Schwartz – Sustainability and Conservation Policy, Finance and Government Liaison
Former Colorado State Senator Schwartz brings decades of focus on the quality of life in rural Colorado to the Pagosa Verde team. Gail has served as Colorado State Senator, Majority Caucus Whip, Chair of Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, and numerous other legislative responsibilities. Her extensive experience includes building private businesses, serving on the Commission on Higher Education, advancing the Colorado Tourism Board, and chairing the Water Resources Review Committee. In her own words, Gail remains dedicated to “natural resource protection including water and agriculture, energy diversification, rural economic development, community planning and human rights.”