Board of Directors

jerryJerome C. Smith serves as Pagosa Verde’s President and Chairman. He has been involved for 35 years in the transition of science and technology into new markets. This has included management of market growth and product development with Stoneage Tools, CBS, Sony, Teac/Tascam, Warner Bros., Universal Studios and others. In 2008 Jerry founded Pagosa Verde. He is committed to overcoming adaptive inertia in people, businesses and culture as opportunities appear from the disciplined imagination of scientists, engineers, artists and businessmen.


Eric HassEric K. Hass has managed federal and industry technical R&D and commercial projects in the renewable energy, oil and gas, and mineral industries for 35 years. He has organized commercial, federal, state, and national laboratory consortia to develop and evaluate a variety energy resources. Recently, as the Hydrothermal Program Manager for the US DOE Geothermal Technologies Office, Mr. Hass directed staff in multiple cities to manage a portfolio of industry, academic, and national lab projects that support innovative subsurface characterization of geothermal resources. Prior to DOE, he was an exploration and production geologist for Mobil in the onshore and offshore Gulf region, mid-continent and Alaska.


Lori Smith SchellLori Smith Schell, Ph.D., ERP, is the president of Empowered Energy, a Colorado-based, woman-owned business focused on renewables, natural gas, and power & emissions offering consulting services in Commodity Procurement and Contract Management, Risk Management, Regulatory Affairs and Expert Witness Testimony, and Emissions Allowance Trading.  She formerly directed and monitored fuels and electricity hedging to mitigate market and operational risk for a New York-based combined heat and power company. Lori brings to the Pagosa Verde Board of Directors a stellar 30-year industry background including project and policy management, fuels and energy risk management, and specializes in economic and analytical analysis. She received her Ph.D. in Operations Research & Mineral Economics from Pennsylvania State University, is a Certified Energy Risk Professional (ERP) and is a much sought-after presenter at energy conferences all over the world.  Lori enjoys living in Southwest Colorado where she takes advantage of the natural beauty and amenities the region has to offer.


John Callender Jon Callender has joined the Pagosa Verde Board of Directors after a career as an educator, geologist, environmental consultant and strategic planner. He has retired to Mancos, Colorado. Jon was educated at Caltech and Harvard and taught geology at the University of New Mexico for many years. In 1984, Governor Toney Anaya appointed him director of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque and Trustee for State paleontological resources. He left New Mexico in 1990 to become General Manager of a Denver-based environmental consulting company and was subsequently hired as Manager of Strategic Resources at Kennecott Utah Copper Company in Salt Lake City, where he managed a major groundwater cleanup. He started a new company at Kennecott to build ‘sustainable’ communities and became Vice President of Resource Development at the Kennecott Land Company. In the last few years he has been actively engaged in community affairs, worked for Crow Canyon Archeological Center, was chairman of the Montezuma County Planning and Zoning Commission, teaches geology at the Southwest Colorado Community College and serves on the Region 9 Economic Development District loan committee.