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Welcome to Eric Hass

Pagosa Verde (PV) welcomes Eric Hass as a member of the Board of Directors, an energy strategist and a project developer. PV has known Eric for years through his work with the United States Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office. Eric recently retired from the public arena and is excited to re-enter the world of private development.

Eric Hass has managed federal and industry technical R&D and commercial projects in the renewable energy, oil and gas, and mineral industries for 35 years. He has organized commercial, federal, state, and national laboratory consortia to develop and evaluate a variety of energy resources.

Pagosa Verde’s controlled environment agriculture projects greatly benefit from Eric’s expertise. The Department of Energy recognizes that demonstration of direct-use geothermal energy is valuable to our shared 21st Century future. The nexus of food security, clean energy and water conservation is central to PV’s developments.

Controlled environment agriculture has become a focus of several PV projects from south Idaho to central Utah to rural Colorado. Growing year-round in greenhouses, with clean energy heating the space and minimal water use, ensures food for our tables into the future. It uses far less water than conventional soil growing, indoors or out. It leaves zero or a greatly reduced carbon footprint. It significantly decreases risks to food safety, by reducing pathogens and pest insects in the growing space.

PV may have begun as a renewable energy development company, but it’s become more focused in economic development projects that involve all three components of our 21st Century challenges. Pagosa Verde is a Colorado-based company, so the importance of consumptive water use in growing food has become central to its consultations and development projects. The intersection among fresh food, green energy and water conservation is of paramount importance to Pagosa Verde’s projects.