2014 Symposium

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The 2014 Pagosa Verde Symposium topic addressed Harvesting Renewable Energy to Benefit Sustainable Community Development. Community leaders and property owners from across Colorado and neighboring states joined representatives from universities, state and federal agencies, and private businesses to discuss the topics listed below. Agendas, presenter bios, and presentations are made available for your benefit.

  • Socio-political economic impact of sustainable practices as economic drivers
  • The importance of regional grassroots, political and cultural landscapes in implementing economic transitions
  • A global perspective on geothermal direct-use projects
  • Community-scale renewable energy projects
  • Practical community applications of geothermal heat
  • Lessons learned from 85 years of running a family-owned geothermal greenhouse
  • Sustainable year-round greenhouse management and emerging technologies
  • Innovations in geothermal drilling and exploration technologies
  • Colorado Energy Office’s funding for renewable energy and sustainable agriculture
  • NREL resources and programs for community-scale renewable energy