2015 Symposium

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The 2015 Pagosa Verde Symposium addressed Community Benefits of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture. Since 2012, the Pagosa Verde Symposium has brought together experts in renewable resources, alternative energy, and sustainable agriculture to advance rural economic development. 2015 was an exceptional event offering a tremendous line-up of speakers and topics.

Keynote speakers included Jordan Macknick, Jeffrey Ackermann, Gail Schwartz, and Michael McReynolds. Colorado Energy Office Director, Jeffrey Ackermann, delivered an address about important renewable energy policies for Colorado and Michael McReynolds, Policy Advisor for the Colorado Energy Office, specifically discussed geothermal development issues. Gail Schwartz, former Colorado Senator and co-author of the Colorado Water Plan, provided a Keynote about the challenges and opportunities facing Colorado with respect to water resources.

Among other notable names that traveled to Pagosa Springs for Symposium presentations were Phil Kastelic, Colorado Forest and Energy biomass expert; Jennifer Visitacion, Guidestone Colorado community food production expert; Sam Anderson, Colorado Department of Agriculture Energy Analyst; and Jeff Birkby, National Center for Appropriate Technology geothermal expert.

The 2015 Program and presentations are made available for your benefit. Panels and speakers addressed an array of crucial topics for rural Colorado’s future:

  • Renewable energy policy updates
  • Water conservation and the Colorado Water Plan
  • The changing landscape between rural utilities and renewable energy
  • The AgTech revolution; the intersection of technology and agriculture in the 21st century
  • Advances in combined heat & power, biomass, geothermal and solar technologies
  • Grassroots shifts toward distributed community food production
  • Advantages and benefits of geothermal direct use applications
  • Greenhouse growing with alternative energy and sustainable design
  • Carbon taxes and Rocky Mountain communities
  • Geothermal exploration developments

We also want to give a special thanks to our generous sponsors without which this event would not have been possible.