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Symposium Noun (pl. symposia or symposiums)

  • a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject
  • a collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of contributors
  • a drinking party or convivial discussion, esp. as held in ancient Greece after a banquet

Community leaders and property owners from across Colorado and neighboring states have joined representatives from universities, state and federal agencies, and private businesses to engage in the Pagosa Verde Symposium since 2012.

Discussions at the Symposium address all forms of renewable resources as economic drivers. In particular, heat and energy from any source can drive economic development. However, the Symposium theme is not limited to geothermal applications. Geothermal development in Colorado has momentum and its unique characteristics provide a starting point for a broader discussion of renewables converted to economic opportunity.

Each year, presentations range from global to local perspectives on renewable and sustainable economic transitions and their relation to local, cultural, and political positions from grass-roots efforts through policy and regulatory landscapes. Pagosa Verde’s intention is to provide a Symposium rich in content and knowledge exchange and offer an attractive opportunity to network among presenters and attendees.