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Renewable Energy System Design

Economic Analysis

An economic analysis investigates the range of possible renewable energy sources for an organization and provides the information needed to make a technology judgment and / or an investment decision. Technologies are evaluated with respect to a client’s needs and natural resources to determine constraints and suitability; alternatives that will work are quickly identified and ones that will not are eliminated. The most complete economic analysis involves examination of each year of the life of an investment, taking into account all revenue, costs and other benefits relevant to decision-making. Once complete, informed decisions can be made about the technical, economic, social, and environmental impacts of specific renewable energy alternatives.

Engineering Design

Known for our technical ingenuity, Pagosa Verde provides professional services for the design, integration, permitting, and sourcing of renewable energy technologies. Our experience encompasses solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, and biofuel technologies. Pagosa Verde provides professional consulting, engineering and design services throughout the life cycle of renewable energy generation projects. Our services includes site identification, permitting, financial structure analyses, RFP, engineering and contract development for design-build and power purchase agreement procurements, bid evaluation, contract negotiation, and stakeholder management. Not tied to one specific manufacturer, product, or technology, we offer impartial, independent advice to our clients.

Resource Integration

Renewable energy systems integration incorporates renewable energy, distributed generation, energy storage, and thermal technologies, into the electric distribution and transmission system. Pagosa Verde leverages a systems approach to help clients achieve integration and address technical, economic, regulatory, and institutional requirements. An integrated renewable energy system usually consists of two or more renewable energy sources paired to increase overall efficiency, balance energy supply, and yield greater economic and environmental returns for our clients. We streamline the process and reduce expenses by narrowing conceptual design options early in the process and then optimize system design in later stages.