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Project Financing and Funding

Financing Strategies

Achieving an organization’s clean energy goals demands innovative funding and financing strategies. The lack of up-front capital is among the key barriers to success. A wide range of funding options, financing strategies, and project structures is available for these initiatives, but no single approach is suitable for every project, organization or geographic location. Pagosa Verde helps our clients understand the available options and match appropriate funding and ownership strategies to minimize risk and achieve desired outcomes.

Grants and Incentive Programs

With an ever-evolving and complex array of government and utility support programs available for renewable energy generation, organizations have tremendous opportunity to leverage these towards their goals but also struggle to successfully navigate nuances of policies and program requirements. We work with organizations to identify applicable programs, develop strategies to benefit from those programs, and offer services to secure and manage them. We embrace a collaborative approach with our clients to achieve their strategic goals and align them with funders’ priorities and requirements. As importantly, we actively engage with stakeholders at government agencies and utilities to gain their crucial support and buy-in though out the process.