Planned Greenhouse Developments Conserve Water

Coloradans’ awareness is increasing about the need to steward our most precious resource – water – carefully and immediately. National headlines about California’s extreme drought conditions and unprecedented water restrictions provided a recent wake-up call. National data from March 2015 can be viewed here.

Colorado’s Continental Divide snowpack supplies major North American river systems with much of our nation’s surface water. For a decade, Coloradans have worked collaboratively toward a statewide water plan that protects our water and our varied water uses. After countless meetings and patient consideration of diverse stakeholders’ concerns, specific Basin Implementation Plans for each of Colorado’s eight river Basin Roundtables will be presented in May 2015. Coloradans’ knowledge of water issues is increasing from The Colorado Water Conservation Board in Denver to grass-roots conversations across irrigation ditches.

Governor Hickenlooper mandated the creation of a comprehensive Colorado Water Plan late in 2013 and the proposed plan is to be adopted in December 2015. The proposed plan can be read here . A succinct consideration of the proposed plan can be read in the January 2015 Headwaters Magazine.

Pagosa Verde’s economic development projects prioritize wise use of water. Greenhouse food production, always a viable option in direct-use of geothermal resources, unlocks the potential for year-round revenue streams, while lessening the consumptive use of water. Hydroponic growing techniques result in significant water savings over conventional soil food production, 75% to 90% water conservation in some systems. All of our planned greenhouses may not be geothermally heated and all may not be hydroponic, but the proposed Colorado Water Plan will remain of paramount importance in our development projects.