Pagosa Verde Timeline

Date Description Narrative linked docs
2007 Pagosa Verde Business Plan conceived and developed by J. Smith and S. High Described Holistic Approach to a nexis between Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture specifically as economic development drivers for rural Colorado. The plan contained modules for business development of solar, geothermal and engineering enterprise as well as regional and local educational strategies for market development.. Picture 
2008 – January Economic Theory/Archuleta About Economic Development in Archuleta County written by JCS describing economic and branding import of Geothermal Development in Archuleta County as part of an overall analysis of economic development strategy. ABOUT ECO DVLP JAN2010 EDIT.pdf
2009 Pagosa Verde LLC Pagosa Verde LLC. officially formed. Pagosa Waters Power Project Proposed
2010 Model described to Mayor and Chairman First of many meetings with Mayor Aragon and Chairman Lucero regarding Pagosa Verde Model for Geo Development
2010 Investor and Landowner research (started 2010 continued through 2011 Contacted several geothermal development companies re Pagosa. All provided same reasons for not investing. At same time researched appropriate sites and found the Levine Fairway property ideal and the landower agreeable and willing to invest.
2011- October Governor’s Geothermal Working Group Meeting Presented PV Model for development of Geo Power during working group meeting. Afternoon session by Pagosa Verde included three presentations by industry leaders (Huttrer, Dickey, Hanson) reviewing the science, history and potential of what has become the Pagosa Waters Project. J Smith presented the PV Model. Presentations/PPTS/08092012 Symposium Presentations/jer89012 Symp.pdf