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Pagosa Verde Symposium Explores Twenty-First Century Themes: Water, Food, and Energy

The Pagosa Verde Symposium provides a forum for southwest Colorado citizens to discuss renewable energy, water conservation, and community-scale food production. Notable names from private industry and government agencies will gather in Pagosa Springs, Thursday and Friday, August 27 and 28.

The Aragon Community Center will host the two-day Symposium. Participants can register at or at the Community Center during the event from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Wednesday evening, August 26, or beginning at 8:00 AM, Thursday morning.

Keynote speakers include Jordan Macknick, Jeffrey Ackerman, Gail Schwartz, and Michael McReynolds.

Jordan Macknick is an Energy Analyst with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and was recently recognized by the Geothermal Energy Association for outstanding work in the potential of geothermal development.

Colorado Energy Office Director, Jeffrey Ackerman, will deliver an address titled “An Overview of Important Renewable Energy Policies.” Michael McReyolds, Policy Advisor for the Colorado Energy Office, will specifically address geothermal development issues.

Gail Schwartz, former Colorado Senator and co-author of the Colorado Water Plan, will moderate a panel of water conservation advocates and a discussion of water policies.

Among the notable names traveling to Pagosa Springs for Symposium presentations are Phil Kastelic, Colorado Forest and Energy biomass expert; Jennifer Visitacion, Guidestone Colorado community food production expert; Sam Anderson, Colorado Department of Agriculture Energy Analyst; and Jeff Birkby, National Center for Appropriate Technology geothermal expert.

Jim Dyer will present about Healthy Community Food Systems, a southwest Colorado nonprofit. Sustainable food production will be explored with experts in greenhouse growing, hydroponics, renewable energy, and water conservative agriculture.

Since 2012, Pagosa Verde LLC, a renewable energy development company has brought together citizens and development professionals to better understand each others’ roles in sustainable future. A light breakfast is served with coffee and tea each day. Guests enjoy a catered lunch and an evening reception on Thursday and a sandwich lunch on Friday. For further details, go to or call 970-335-8415.