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Pagosa Loses a Friend

Our friend Michael Batzle passed away unexpectedly on January 2, 2015. Michael will always hold a special place in the hearts of Pagosa Springs citizens. Dr. Batzle brought students to the Colorado School of Mines Geophysical Field Camp in Archuleta County from 2012 to 2014, to explore and document our geothermal resource. His brilliant leadership and huge spirit enabled the scientific foundation for our geothermal development project.

Mike’s energy, joy in living, and inspirational relationship with his colleagues, students, and our community created bonds of respect and collaboration. Pagosa Springs and the Colorado School of Mines share a special relationship that remains a testimony to this very special man.

Mike celebrated life in all he did. His disciplined enthusiasm for the benefits of science, rigorously and creatively applied, was an inspiration to us all. His patient mentoring of those less gifted then he was a great gift and will be missed but never forgotten.