Miriam Horn – Smart Grid

Miriam Horn: Director, Smart Grid Initiative, Environmental Defense Fund. Her team advises federal and state regulators on transmission, wholesale and retail market design and smart grid deployments
to maximize consumer and environmental benefits through market-driven innovation. The CPUC recently directed utilities to “address areas identified by EDF” including “significantly reducing the total environmental footprint of the electric generation and delivery system in California.” Horn led the Pecan Street Project in Austin, TX, leveraging a $10 million ARRA grant to develop an open-platform smart- grid demonstration designed to meet ambitious environmental goals. She advises the Galvin Electricity Initiative and Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative and is contributing to a forthcoming book: Smart Grids: Infrastructure, Technology and Solutions, edited by GE Energy staff. With EDF president Fred Krupp, Horn co-authored the New York Times best seller Earth: The Sequel; The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming (Norton, 2008). Miriam has homes in New York and Pagosa Springs.

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