Direct Use of Geothermal Resource Advances Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) describes greenhouse food production that maximizes optimal growing conditions. This means a bio-secure facility, in which growers use a technology-based approach to safe and high-yield food production.

Pagosa Verde’s new CEA facility, 2.5 acres to start, is being built with direct-use geothermal heating. The greenhouse demonstrates state-of-the-art bio-secure year-round growing – from seed to harvest. This fully automated food greenhouse is in rural central Colorado at high altitude.

The innovative project (dba: Spring Born) is the first to meld two remarkable 21st Century technologies – fully automated food production and geothermal direct-use.

The two biggest operating expenses in greenhouse growing are heat and employees. The cost of heating a greenhouse with fossil fuels through Rocky Mountain winters is the reason most food or ornamental growing facilities are seasonal businesses. Geothermal heat provides an evenly heated environment where food plants thrive.

Pagosa Verde (dba: Spring Born Inc) is now building the fully automated greenhouse and actively seeking to fill three positions. Link here to see detailed job descriptions.

  1. Hydroponic greenhouse consultant. High yield commercial scale. Immediate hire.
  2. Master Grower. This hydroponic expert will be hired during the construction process so that he or she can know all facets of the CEA facility including the automation systems.
  3. Greenhouse Operations and Production Manager.