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Community Engagement

Community Audit

Community audits bring together information on economic, cultural, historic, political, and environmental perspectives to support community-centric strategies for renewable energy development. Because community audits are the front-end of strategic planning efforts, they include collaboration with civic stakeholders. Through broad-based input and mapping of community assets, Pagosa Verde develops a community profile encompassing the community’s strengths, resources, services, facilities, and needs. It also looks into the future; what changes, threats or opportunities lay ahead with respect to the goals and scope of the project? Pagosa Verde provides clients with detailed findings, conclusions, recommendations and plans for action and helps communities mobilize the resources at their disposal to achieve desired outcomes.

Partnership Development

Pagosa Verde offers collaborative partnership development to help bring together and engage diverse and broad-based stakeholders to achieve mutual goals and desired outcomes. Through this process, local leaders understand existing attitudes, identify a collective vision of the future, and develop partnerships and other mechanisms to achieve goals. Pagosa Verde uses the project’s goals to inform participation of key stakeholders such as business associations, economic development agencies, community-based organizations, and others. Engagement activities involve a range of mechanisms depending on the stakeholder, the phase of the project, and the desired outcome. Through this process we engage partners in an active and purposeful way leading to the ultimate success of the project.

Education and Outreach

Increasingly, organizations recognize that sustainability and renewable energy strategies lead to lower energy use, reduced energy costs, wealth remaining in the local economy, and other significant community benefits. Pagosa Verde helps our clients raise awareness and inspire community-wide engagement and support via targeted and well-conceived education and outreach program development. Effectively educating and informing communities on these complex issues is challenging and without effective outreach and education, organizations struggle to achieve their goals. Public engagement is critical to the success of these efforts. Pagosa Verde helps clients raise public awareness, gain support, engage community members, promote successes, deliver calls for action, and inspire desired outcomes.