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Community Energy Resources

As a renewable energy company, we believe that education and training lead to stronger, more resilient and economically independent communities and organizations. Renewable energy investment encourages job creation through residential heating, local power generation, and agricultural and manufacturing opportunities. Renewable and sustainable economic transitions rely on consideration of local, cultural and political positions from the grass-roots up through policy and regulatory landscapes. Engaging local populations, academia, industry leaders, business organizations and political leadership is vital. To this end, we publish stories, educational articles and news that highlights the success of our clients, valuable industry innovations, and current relevant events.

We also bring together community leaders, property owners, academia, state and federal agencies and private businesses at the Pagosa Verde Symposium. The Symposium hosts leading minds in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability and is rich in content and knowledge exchange. The information shared encompasses all forms of renewable resources as economic drivers. Global to local perspectives are offered on distributed power production, the integration of renewable energy resources to maximize local potential, and innovations reducing the expense of these technologies. Each year’s presentations are provided to the greater community via our website.