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Geothermal Greenhouse Development

Achieve local and sustainable food production in geothermally-heated and renewably-powered greenhouses.

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Geothermal Project Development

Small, community-scale geothermal power plants have the potential for widespread application and economic benefit to rural communities in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

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Renewable Energy System Design

Economic Analysis An economic analysis investigates the range of possible renewable energy sources for an organization and provides the information needed to make a technology judgment and / or an investment decision. Technologies are evaluated with respect to a client’s needs and natural resources to determine constraints and suitability; alternatives that will work are quickly identified and ones that will […]

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Community Engagement

Community Audit Community audits bring together information on economic, cultural, historic, political, and environmental perspectives to support community-centric strategies for renewable energy development. Because community audits are the front-end of strategic planning efforts, they include collaboration with civic stakeholders. Through broad-based input and mapping of community assets, Pagosa Verde develops a community profile encompassing the community’s strengths, resources, services, facilities, […]

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Project Financing and Funding

Financing Strategies Achieving an organization’s clean energy goals demands innovative funding and financing strategies. The lack of up-front capital is among the key barriers to success. A wide range of funding options, financing strategies, and project structures is available for these initiatives, but no single approach is suitable for every project, organization or geographic location. Pagosa Verde helps our clients […]

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