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Direct Use of Geothermal Resource Advances Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) describes greenhouse food production that maximizes optimal growing conditions. This means a bio-secure facility, in which growers use a technology-based approach to safe and high-yield food production. Pagosa Verde’s new CEA facility, 2.5 acres to start, is being built with direct-use geothermal heating. The greenhouse demonstrates state-of-the-art bio-secure year-round growing – from seed to harvest. This […]

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Welcome to Eric Hass

Pagosa Verde (PV) welcomes Eric Hass as a member of the Board of Directors, an energy strategist and a project developer. PV has known Eric for years through his work with the United States Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office. Eric recently retired from the public arena and is excited to re-enter the world of private development. Eric Hass has […]

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Remembering Ed Morlan

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Ed Morlan, Pagosa Verde Director. Ed died on Tuesday, November 15, 2016. After 27 years of leading Colorado’s Region 9 Economic Development District, Ed had celebrated his retirement. Upon the announcement of Ed’s leaving Region 9, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper declared July 28 to be Ed Morlan Day. Ed […]

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Geothermal Exploration Reports Released

Pagosa Verde has released to the public the reports and data generated from the geothermal exploration project in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The data and papers released describe much of the process, successes, and difficulties faced during exploration for geothermal energy in Archuleta County up through the drilling of thermal gradient wells during the winter and spring of 2015. The drilling […]

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Proposed Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act Levels Playing Field

Investment tax credits have been the cornerstone of our Federal government’s incentive policy for renewable energy development. Scheduled to expire in 2016, policy experts questions if and how much tax credits should play a role in the future. Felix Morman of Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance presents a compelling argument that tax credits are ultimately an […]

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Pagosa Verde Symposium Explores Twenty-First Century Themes: Water, Food, and Energy

The Pagosa Verde Symposium provides a forum for southwest Colorado citizens to discuss renewable energy, water conservation, and community-scale food production. Notable names from private industry and government agencies will gather in Pagosa Springs, Thursday and Friday, August 27 and 28. The Aragon Community Center will host the two-day Symposium. Participants can register at or at the Community Center […]

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2015 05 20 Diversion Ditch Area

Drilling Sites Restored

Colorado regulations require Pagosa Verde to have a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) for our geothermal exploration field activities in Pagosa Springs. The project’s SWMP primarily addressed mitigating impacts from potential stormwater discharges from construction / drilling activities and a reclaiming the site post construction. With the guidance of Ecosphere Environmental Services,, Pagosa Verde designed and implemented stormwater mitigation and […]

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Pagosa Waters Timeline

Pagosa Waters LLC is a public/private partnership designed to administrate the potential economic development of the ample geothermal resource in Archuleta County, Colorado. Pagosa Waters LLC (formed January, 2015) is overseen by Pagosa Area Geothermal Water and Power Authority (formed July 2014). The following timeline explains the evolution of the Pagosa Waters project.

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Recovery Act Funds Reined In

Pagosa Verde received an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) novation of $3,889,705 from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 2014. The designated purpose of the funds is to explore for geothermal resource hot enough and accessible enough to make electricity. A novation means that the funds had been awarded to another geothermal exploration company, but that company’s exploration […]

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Planned Greenhouse Developments Conserve Water

Coloradans’ awareness is increasing about the need to steward our most precious resource – water – carefully and immediately. National headlines about California’s extreme drought conditions and unprecedented water restrictions provided a recent wake-up call. National data from March 2015 can be viewed here. Colorado’s Continental Divide snowpack supplies major North American river systems with much of our nation’s surface […]

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Pagosa Loses a Friend

Our friend Michael Batzle passed away unexpectedly on January 2, 2015. Michael will always hold a special place in the hearts of Pagosa Springs citizens. Dr. Batzle brought students to the Colorado School of Mines Geophysical Field Camp in Archuleta County from 2012 to 2014, to explore and document our geothermal resource. His brilliant leadership and huge spirit enabled the […]

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Renewable Energy Economic Analysis Offers Starting Point

A renewable energy economic analysis investigates the range of possible alternative energy sources that you can use in your community and provide the information needed for you to make a technology judgment and / or an investment decision. This is where communities should start when they are ready to incorporate renewable energy into their portfolio. All the main types of renewables, […]

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2014 11 19 10.18.28school Tour

Budding Scientists from Pagosa’s High School Visit Drilling Operations

Pagosa Verde recently engaged in an educational outreach opportunity with local students through an on-site visit to our current drilling operations. On Wednesday, November 19, 14 students from J.D. Kurz’s Global Science class at the Pagosa Springs High School came out to Drill Site 1 to learn about geothermal exploration. After a safety briefing, we shared an overview of the […]

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Geothermal Project Development Advances Knowledge of Region’s Geology

Pictured above is our head Geologist Roy Mink, fellow Pagosa Verde Board Member Lori Schell and local resident Bonnie Masters looking at one of the core samples from the drilling of a thermo gradient well. A core sample is a cylindrical section of the geology / rock collected from the subsurface. Samples are collected in core boxes which contains about 10 feet […]

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Breaking Ground on Thermal-Gradient Wells

Today Pagosa Verde broke ground on the first of six planned thermal-gradient wells in the Pagosa Springs area. These wells gather information that will inform our next step in the process of developing geothermal resources. Temperature gradients, thermal pockets and other geothermal characteristics can be measured directly from this drilling. We are excited to have broken ground after years of […]

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Oregon Offers Inspiration for Geothermal Development

Last month, Pagosa Verde attended the Geothermal Resource Council’s 2014 Annual Geothermal Energy Expo in Portland, OR.

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Why Perform a Community Audit?

We often get asked about community audits – what do they entail, why do one, what is the output? Succinctly, a community audit maps local and regional assets, provide options, and articulate a vision for community-based renewable energy development. They help communities bring together information on economic, cultural, historic, political, and environmental perspectives to support community-centric strategies for renewable energy development. […]

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School of Mines Furthers Pagosa Springs Geothermal Knowledge

In 2012 and 2013, the Colorado School of Mines and the community of Pagosa Springs, Colorado partnered to further geothermal knowledge. Pagosa Springs has been a test lab for the students’ geothermal studies welcoming young adults and professors from the Colorado School of Mines and Imperial College London. Their research has furthered understanding of the geothermal  and geological characteristics for […]

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