Geothermal Project Development

Small, community-scale geothermal power plants have the potential for widespread application and economic benefit to rural communities in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

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Renewable Energy System Design

Realize ambitious ideas using our professional services for the design, integration, permitting, and sourcing of renewable energy technologies.

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Community Engagement

Inspire community-wide engagement to achieve mutual goals and desired outcomes across diverse and broad-based stakeholders.

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Project Financing

Understand available options and match appropriate funding and ownership strategies to minimize risk, achieve desired outcomes, and create economic benefit.

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Develop renewable energy and sustainable agriculture projects to stimulate economic development and benefit your community or property.

Our Services

1Pagosa Verde provides comprehensive professional services that help communities and organizations realize the benefits of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture systems.

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Advancing Knowledge of the Region’s Geology - Pictured above is¬†our head Geologist Roy Mink, fellow Pagosa Verde Board Member Lori Schell and Pagosa Verde investor Bonnie Masters looking at one of the core samples from the drilling of a thermo gradient well. A core sample is a cylindrical section of the geology / rock collected from the subsurface. Samples are collected in core boxes which¬†contains about 10 [...]
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3The 2014 Pagosa Verde Symposium topic addressed Harvesting Renewable Energy to Benefit Sustainable Community Development. Agendas, presenter bios, and presentations are made available for your benefit.

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4Pagosa Verde has been featured in of a wide range of media outlets. Here is a selection of press articles featuring the company, our clients as well as industry relevant news.